Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Delaware Blogosphere is Starting to Look Like a Community

We've been increasingly trading links back and forth and commenting, often intelligently, on each others' blogs.

Now, Hube, at Colossus of Rhodey, offers an [un]abashedly thorough guide to the Delaware blogosphere that looks at most of the Delaware blogs. There are some on my list of Delaware blogs that he didn't cover, but he got most of them.

Hube looks at where each blogger sits on the political spectrum and which blogging software they use. He makes a judgment of the look of each blog and provides some thoughts about each blog's content.

Well done, Hube.

Also today, Bill Slawski, of Newarking, has proposed a Delaware Blogging Conference. That's an intriguing idea.
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ColossusHube said...

Thanks for the kudos, Mike. Much appreciated. :-)

Nancy Willing said...

I will have to hie over there to see that.

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