Sunday, October 8, 2006

Another Protest Song

The WXPN All About the Music Blog has a new protest song by James McMurtry.

McMurtry's God Bless America isn't quite the screamer that Michael Franti's Light Up Ya Lighter is, but it speaks to me:
Negotiation's just no fun
And it don't serve our interests none
Gonna turn up the heat till it comes to a boil
So we can go get that Arab oil

And we'll suck it all up through the barrel of a gun
Everyday's the end of days for some
Republicans don't cut and run
Tell me ain't you proud of what we've done
I like it.

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Shasta said...

I'm a Bard called Shasta & I've been writing protest songs for years! You can hear 2 here -
& the last 2 songs here on myspace-
Please check them out. Yours In Song, Shasta

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