Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eighth Golf Game of 2009

I took Friday off this past week to head upstate and join in the hopefully (but generally not) annual Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) golf outing. My friend Sandy Schenck organizes these. They usually involve DGS staff, University of Delaware staff and professors, and assorted Delaware GIS people. Like me.

We played at Delcastle Golf course, which is in New Castle County near Milltown. It's a nice course, with lots of elevation changes and some challenging holes.

I played badly. I'd like to blame the heat, which was respectable. I'd like to blame the elevation changes, which are a real change for me. I might even try to blame the skills of my fellow players, who were dauntingly good. But the bottom line is I played badly.

There were several foursomes. I was playing with a group of GIS-geeks -- joining Pat Susi, the GIS chief for New Castle County, Brian Smith, with a company called GeoDecisions, and John Laznik, a GIS pro at UD. Pat is a solid player; we played together in early May. I've also played with Brian, a very good golfer, at the first of the DGS outings I joined, in 2006. John Laznik was almost a surprise. I had heard he can play, but was not aware of just how far he can crush a drive. Very impressive.

It is true, though no excuse, that I was pressing too hard to try to play like these guys. I was over swinging and making foolish club choices. I stuck with my driver, with less success than in other recent games. And I was trying to do too much with my hybrids; trying to make up ground. My best holes were those where I played within myself and accepted that I wasn't going to hit it as far as any of my partners. Hit it straight, be patient, and take what you can.

So I ended up with a poor 119. Pat broke 100 with a 94. Brian carded an 89 and John an 84.

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