Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fifth Golf Game of 2009

Sandy Schenck, Pat Susi and I took vacation time today and played an afternoon round at Jonathan's Landing golf course, just south of Dover. We all had the same meeting this morning and so it seemed a good day to try to get out and play. I had the vacation time and nothing that needed to be moved; so it worked out.

Jonathan's Landing is a low, flat, "links" style course. It sits next to the St. Jones River and a complex of marshes. And it is close enough to Dover Air Force Base that one must pause now and again to let a C-5 scream overhead.

I think this could be a rough place to play in hot weather; the bugs would be rough. But today wasn't bad at all. We had worried about rain; it has done almost nothing but rain for what seems like a month. But bad weather held off and we played a dry, if cloudy, 18 holes.

There was some sort of tournament starting off a bit later, so we started on 10. We managed to stay well ahead of the tournament, made the turn with a hot dog in hand, and finished on the front 9.

I had hopes for a while that I might score a personal best, but started to fall apart a bit. I ended with a 110, with one par and a few gratifying bogeys. I was hitting some decent drives and only failing in my putting. The greens were in terrible shape; I think the rain has kept them from a regular mowing schedule.

All things taken into consideration, it was a very pleasant afternoon.

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