Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At The Range

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I've not been able to get out and play golf for a while, but I did head out to Midway Par 3 to hit a large bucket of balls at the driving range this evening.

I wanted to try out my two different drivers and see which will work best. And I worked my way through a few other clubs. It was a way to stay loose, get some motion in, and have some fun.

A couple of fellows came along and started hitting balls a short way down the line of mats. One was teaching the other to play. As much as I tried to not listen, I found the guy's advice to his friend starting to affect my swing. That's the worst thing you can do.

Over the years I have developed a serviceable, if ugly, swing. It usually works for me, though it is probably more appropriate to an arthritic, one-armed, 80-year old pensioner in a back-brace.

Listening, even unwillingly, to proper swing-advice just doesn't help. I think, frankly, that it may be too late.

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