Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some People Just Can't Stay Out of the News

I think I had honestly started to forget about Bobby Jacobs, one-time wunderkind head of a local sports tournament that collapsed into scandal some years ago. Well, he's back and facing charges of harassment, according to a story on the WBOC web site: Former Basketball Tournament Director Arrested for Stalking.
Troopers say they were called in to investigate after letters were sent to the Cape Henlopen School District accusing a teacher of inappropriate misconduct with students. They say the letters continued not only to the school district but also to Wesley College in Dover, accusing a coach of similar misconduct. In addition, troopers say letters were sent to Legislative Hall accusing a department secretary in similar behavior.
Their investigation found the letters questionable and likely from a fictitious source. They also noted that all three of those targeted were once involved with the group that had oversight of the Slam Dunk to the Beach basketball tournament:
All three individuals, according to police, who were accused of the misconduct , were once involved with the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association. The organization was formerly known as the Delaware Scholastic Secondary Athletic Association. This organization oversaw the "Slam Dunk to the Beach Tournament" which Jacobs was the director.
The Slam Dunk tournament was a local institution for some years, but after a time started to look a little fishy to me. Eventually, it fell apart after questions started to arise regarding scholarships that were promised but not delivered. Mr. Jacobs abruptly canceled the 2004 event and was on the run for several years, hiding in Florida before being brought back to Delaware to face charges.

Police traced the letters back to their origins, found evidence linking them to Jacobs, searched his home and found even more evidence on his computer.

The result? More charges against Bobby Jacobs, and we once again have to follow this guys sad sack story.

Update: The Dover Post story on this includes a clarifying detail:
The three individuals allegedly targeted by the letters had helped police in their investigation of the Jacob’s misappropriating Slam Dunk funds after he cancelled the 2004 tourney and dropped out of sight. He was charged with theft and jailed for two years after his capture by U.S. marshals in Miami.
(A tip of the hat to twitterer @oceanviewde for leading me to this story)

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