Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seventh Golf Game of 2009 (Second Half)

I had the evening off from my Chautauqua gig tonight so I headed over to Old Landing Golf Course after work to finish the game that was rained-out on Saturday. The two sets of nine holes couldn't have been more different. Saturday was wet and raining and threatening thunder. This evening there were clouds, but clear air and eventually evening sunshine. And my play was different too.

Saturday, I played poorly and shot a 59 on the front 9. Nothing was working well. The weather may have played a role, but I doubt it.

This evening, despite a poor beginning (how many putts can one man putt?), I started to hit the ball the way I want to hit it. I still had some putting problems, and the occasionally topping of the ball on the fairway, but I managed a 49, which is one of my best-ever 9-hole scores.

I scored one par and five bogeys. I have a goal to try to average 18 bogeys someday. If I can do that on a par 72 course, I'd have a 90. And I'm trying to break 100, so...

I was particularly pleased this evening with the 12th hole at Old Landing. This is a long, blind drive, par-5 that curls left from the tee box, over a slight rise and across a stagnant creek to a sloping green. It plays about 500 yards from the white tees.

Usually, I struggle along in the rough, through the trees, and often into the creek before carding something nasty on this hole. Not tonight.

I've reached an accord with my driver. When I hit it well, the ball goes straight, if not hugely long. Tonight I placed my drive about halfway along and in the center of the 12th fairway. My second shot laid-up well to the top of the slope that leads down to the water. Then I put a 7-iron about 10 feet from the pin (the photo above right was the result).

Had I made that putt, I'd have scored a birdie (not my first, but they are still rare). I was too cautious though, and came up short. But I was happy with the par.

Over-all, I think tonight I had more of the shots that keep you coming back than those that make you hang your head. I like that.

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