Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seventh Golf Game of 2009 (first half?)

I managed to squeeze-in 9 holes at Old Landing Golf Course this morning before the light rain and distant rumbling became heavy downpours and thunder. The gent in the clubhouse was kind enough to offer me a 9-hole rain check after we stood together and watched a green, yellow and red mass moving in on the weather channel radar.

I have to say I played poorly. I think I was listening too hard for thunder and lightning from the first tee and so not being patient enough. I did settle down some, though, after it began to rain softly and without thunder. I had my share of good shots and finally managed to play the long, bending road-side par-5 -- where I am usually in the trees to the right -- out in the fairway where a gentleman should play.

I'm not sure when I'll play the second half of game 7. The forecast for tomorrow is not promising. But we'll see.

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