Friday, June 30, 2006

Now It's Half Way

HalfwayI rolled 50,000 miles in my Prius on my commute home the other day. I was just coming into Five Points and was able to take this photo while waiting in the left-turn lane to head towards Lewes.

I figure I'll keep this car until just before I hit 100,000 miles. It has taken me about 20 months to roll 50,000. Next Prius in 2008?

This mileage stone isn't as fun as when I hit 22,222 or 44,444, but worth noting anyway.


The Delawarean said...

Wow. You're catching up to me fast. The sad part is, I bet I've gone through 8x more gas than you though!

Nancy Willing said...

I thought that you might give us a pic of the 5 points traffic too!

karmic_jay said...

Hey there fellow delawarean and fellow Prius owner!

I am at around 22k in our Prius and I totally love it. I get around 50 -52 mpg on mostly highway driving.

Moved to Delaware more than a year ago so still finding my way around.


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