Monday, June 19, 2006

Third Golf Game of 2006

At Least I'm Consistent
I played a practice round of 18 holes at the Midway Par Three this evening. Karen surprised me with new clubs for Father's Day and I wanted to get a feel for them before a game I plan to play upstate on Friday. That will be on a fairly long course, with real golfer-type guys. I don't want to be too embarrassed.

The Midway course is all short par threes, but there is a variety of lengths and the greens are in very good shape. It's a good place to work on your short game. I'll try to get out to a driving range at lunch some day this week as well.

For many of the holes, I was hitting two balls. On the 15th hole, 105-yards, I tried the 8-iron. Both shots were pin-high, but both were hooked a bit left.

I was astounded out how similar the two shots were. They ended up about a foot apart!
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ColossusHube said...

Man, it's been 15 years since I last played Midway. Nice little par 3 course!

Where are you playing upstate this Friday? If you're ever up north again and wanna play (or need a 4th), gimme a holler! :-)

Mike said...

I'll be playing Delcastle. An annual outing organised by colleagues at the U of D. I'll take a half-day and head up at lunchtime. I'm looking forward to it!

ColossusHube said...

Amazingly, I haven't played Delcastle yet this year. My next day out is Thursday, but that's most likely gonna be in Jersey (Town & Country).

Have a great outing! Enjoy! :-)

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