Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Sixth Golf Game of 2006

Par 3Andy Southmayd and I played Old Landing Golf Course outside of Rehoboth Beach yesterday morning.

It was a hot and buggy 18 holes. Andy broke 100. I didn't. In fact, my score was worse than I had hoped, based on some of my recent outings. But I see signs of hope.

Rather than my usual steady mediocrity, in which I score consistent double or triple bogeys on most holes, I was up and down yesterday. I managed par on three holes, but always followed those holes with disastrous blow-ups.

On one par three, I hit my tee shot to within about 4 feet. My birdie try came close, stopping an inch or so short of the hole. I thought about that putt too much and tried to be too careful.

I also brought my driver out of my bag more often on this round than I have in the past. I'm inconsistent with it, but I think it is a viable option at this point.

I'll try to fit in one or two more lunchtimes at the driving range before we head off to Vermont and its challenging mountainside golf courses.

Old Landing was in better shape than it has been in a while. We last played there two summers back, and we were not impressed. Last year, I understand, the course was horrible. They were re-doing the greens and for parts of the summer, there were no greens at all on much of the course. They were better this year, though many of the fairways still need work.

And it was hot. And buggy. The flies were in heated competition with the mosquitoes to see which could be more annoying. We like to walk our 18 holes, where we can, but by the 17th hole we were regretting it somewhat.

Still, we had fun. And when we were done, we headed to Bethany to meet our families, enjoy the parade, and float in the cool cool ocean.

More on that later. Just now, I better head out to work.
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ColossusHube said...

Mike, I played w/7 other guys yesterday. I have a post up about it at Colossus, including a photo of me teeing off (you were my inspiration for that!). Conditions were very similar to what you describe here. Hope you had a great time. Me and my playing pard did -- until hole 18!

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