Saturday, June 3, 2006

Monthly Blogroll Cleanup

It's time to once again go through the blogroll and clean out the sites that have stalled out. I have a general "one month" rule; no updates in a month (or so) and I remove a site. I reserve the right to violate that rule, of course. I am the decider.

Delmarva Dealings
, which kept up a sometimes angry response to the politics of Salisbury, in Maryland, seems to have folded.

McLefty, out of Milford, may have left.

More useless yet interesting info from Delaware, from Wilmington, has been quiet for more than a month.

Jeff, the stay-at-home Dad from Bear, hasn't had anything to say on his No Ma'am, this IS my job for a while.

Posts at the first slate were down to about once a month. Not much happening there.

There are a few others that I'm sometimes tempted to remove because of their general mean-spiritedness, but I haven't. Yet.

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Donviti said...

I have taken a little mean streak to kid lately....I hope I don't lose your support.....sincerely.

It is so hard not to be mean some days though with all that goes on in the world

Keep up the awesome pictures. The add serenity to my visits.

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