Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yes, We Do Have Responsibilities

Weblogging is a form of publishing, so we need to take our responsibilities fairly seriously.

Checking through my blogroll this evening, I read Buzzbait's post on getting a letter threatening legal action from a developer he'd posted about on his blog Stupid and Wrong.

Then, I checked the Blogger Buzz site and found a timely link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and its Legal Guide for Bloggers.

Funny how these things tend to coincide.

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Nancy Willing said...

Hi Mike,
I head up a group protecting DE's historic land around our only battle site at Glasgow-Iron Hill and we are fighting the proposed development of La Grange, an associated Revolutionary War site (General Howe's headquarters encampment in DE) and home of the first-ever drive through granary invented in early 1800's by pioneering agronomist, Dr. Sam Black, indigenous indian camps are documented along the Christiana River tributary there (recently 1,600 native artifacts were collected in a phase 1 achaeological pre development study of the farm). Our new county council president, Paul Clark, is married to the Saul Ewing lawyer, Pam Scott who is shepherding this proposal through county land use. She has been involved in several highly controversial land deals such as Bayberry, a 2,000 home "city" placed near Middletown and whose infrastucture agreement was secretly signed off by our state transportation secretary, Scott and the developer, Mr. Jay Sonecha.

In a press release that pointed out the potential conflict of interest of Scott and Clark against the interests of the public to preserve it's heritage in saving La Grange, I received notice from President Clark that while it is a free country, I should know that he is an ethical person and would like the opportunity to rebut our contention that it isn't so great having a county leader also financially benefitting from controversial land deals. He would recuse himself from voting on any of these deals, you see.
Had he threatened to sue, it would have made for some great press for our cause. As it is, we are now getting some News Journal attention and there should be an artical soon about the intimidation techniques rampant among developers aiming to squelch activists speaking out for the good of the general welfare.
Nancy Willing

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