Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Photo Project: Water Towers

At Town Hall, Bridgeville
Originally uploaded by mmahaffie.
It was an accident. I swear. However, it seems I've started collecting digital images of water towers from around Delaware.

I blame this shot of the Bridgeville water tower. I was going for the contrast with the blue sky, but it got me thinking about trying to get shots of water towers from all 57 Delaware cities and towns.

This could take a while.


Neil said...

I assume you would have to take them personally? Otherwise, I cant take some of the ones up North her ; )

Neil said...

I can take some of the ones up North here.

Good god. I need a speak and spell.

Water Tower Aficionado said...

I love your water tower pictures. I live in NC and am taking pictures of water towers here. I also ask my friends to send me pictures from around the country. Check out

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