Monday, June 6, 2005

Three Things I Noticed Today

The soles of my sneakers hold heat.

When I can, I devote my lunch hour to a workout at the Dover YMCA. Often, I set myself to at least a half-hour, brisk walk on a treadmill. (I read the news-scroll at the bottom of the cable news show as I walk). Afterwards, as I stretch, I notice that the soles of my sneakers (tucked in turn into opposing thighs) are noticeably warm. They've accumulated heat by friction as I walk.

Spinner hubcaps
look silly on a minivan.

No kidding. I passed a beat-looking Ford-type minivan on Delaware Route 113 this afternoon. It had spinner hubcaps. Wrong. Just . . . wrong.

"Fruitful confusion" is an intriguing phrase.

In an interview on All Things Considered this evening, Norwegian Jazz Pianist Tord Gustavsen used the phrase (at least as I heard it) "fruitful confusion" to describe the benefits of the access we now have to music and art from different cultures from all over the world. I was struck by that phrase, and briefly considered using it as a Blog title. But a Google Search turns up quite a few uses of the phrase, some of them in reference to the information management practices of the Bush administration. So I guess I'll leave it alone.

Still, it's nice to be struck afresh by an unexpected combination of words.

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