Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Please, Permit Me to Brag

Colleen, our eldest daughter, was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this evening.

Colleen is finishing seventh grade at the Southern Delaware School of the Arts. She started there in first grade the first year the school was in existence and has made some great friends.

Miriah Hearn (center) and Emily Southmayd (right), joined Colleen (left) in the Honor Society. These three have been together for seven years now and will finish out the eighth grade together next year.

The girls also have friends in the current, graduating, eighth grade. Many are already in Honor Society and they had the pleasure of welcoming Colleen and her classmates into the group this evening.

Caitlin Owens and Rachel Southmayd, the two on the left, are among those eighth graders. That's Nikki Mook next to Colleen. She taught most of these kids in second grade and returned tonight to see her former students honored. On the right is Erin Bunting, another great kid who joined the Honor Society.

Here's Colleen with Michelle Norton, Miriah, Stephanie Keller (8th grade), Rachel, Arias Davis (8th grade) and, peeking over the top in back, Wayde Marsh (8th grade).

Karen and I are hugely proud. Colleen is 13. She drives us nutty almost every day. But she's very bright, hard working, and creative and she's simply shining in school. Academics. Music (she sings and plays bass and flute). Dance.

And her sister, our young Christina, is following right in her footsteps. Click on by again in another four years and I bet you'll see a very similar blog entry.


Anonymous said...

geez. how time flies... congrats to all!!! love, vickie

Neil said...

Congrats to Mike and family!

Anonymous said...

its been 10 years!

Mike said...

Anonymous said...
its been 10 years!


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