Monday, June 27, 2005

I Have the Teeth of a Greek God

Well ... a statue of a Greek God.

Okay. A statue of a Greek God that's been lying on the floor of the Aegean Sea for several centuries. Lying there among the broken amphorae and rotting timbers of a wrecked trireme.

Never mind.

I had my mid-year dental check-up today and I'm thrilled to report that it didn't go nearly as badly as I was certain it would go. In fact, for a 43-year-old guy with a lifetime of questionable dental hygiene habits in his past, my teeth are in fairly good shape.

I have a fear of the Dentist. I know it is irrational.

My Dentists are very nice young guys; I've been to a Dead show with Dr. Barnhart. They do great work without a lot of pain.

But the reality for me is that the several days before a Dental appointment are a trial. It is true that the anticipation is worse than the reality. I project all sorts of unpleasant possible outcomes.

The worst part? The knowledge that any Dental problems found will reflect badly on me and my discipline. It bugs me that cavities, gum disease, and other possible problems could be my fault.

But my teeth are okay. My gums looked pretty good. My brushing and flossing have been effective.

As I walk away from the chair and out to pay my bill, I always feel this incredible wash of tension out of my neck and shoulders. As much as I try to go in relaxed, as much as I manage tension by getting into the cool new technology they now have, as much as I tell myself it'll be cool, I still have that tension.

But here's my secret: I try to stay aware of the fact of that tension. I remind myself that it will seem worse ahead of time. In fact, that's why I wrote this.


The Delawarean said...

On a side note- I was looking through your pics on Flickr. Did you photoshop any of those sunset shots? They're incredible. You are a picture taking machine.

Mike said...

I cannot tell a lie, I do work with many of the photos a tad. Not with photoshop; we only have one license for that and it is on the PC that the girl's use, not my laptop.

I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop them (usually), adjust brightness and contrast (occasionally), and tweak the color (now and again).

The cropping is the key part, it can go a long way towards making the composition work.

Neil said...

Ive been putting off the dentist for weeks.

Anonymous said...
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