Monday, June 13, 2005

A Tie Will Be Just Fine

A commercial just ran on my local cable outlet suggesting that folks "take Dad to Hooters on Father's Day." It features a scene with a cute little blond child lisping an order of wings and a soda for her Daddy to the nice lady (in the short shorts and tight top).

There's a billboard in our area for the Hooters in Rehoboth Beach. It announces that kids eat free on Tuesdays. Right.

Are we re-branding here? Not really.

Karen, Colleen, and Christina, pay no attention. A tie will be fine. In fact, maybe we should go out to Big Fish Grill for Father's Day.


Stationery Queen said...

That's cool, Mike. :-)

Neil said...

The whole thing with hooters trying to be a "family" restraunt is laughable, and really confusing. I mean, even if the resteraunt and its staff have every intention of presenting a family friendly enviroment, that still doesnt change the fact that there are 40 dirt bags who are in there to stare at girls 20 years younger than them, ...and girls who wouldnt look twice at em! : ) ha. Sad place, really.

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