Thursday, July 3, 2008

What Are You Looking For?

I have a few different ways to track visitors to this site. I'm not too obsessive about it, but I enjoy knowing what's brought people here.

Over the long term, I find I get a steady stream of people looking for information on getting rid of a blood clot. Installing satellite radio in a Prius is also popular as are Delaware's boundary monuments.

And I see seasonal patterns as well.

In the last two weeks, for example, there has been interest in the Fourth of July in Bethany Beach. Since June 22, fifty-eight of Mike's Musings visits were generated by web searches for some combination of Bethany Beach, Fourth of July, fireworks, and parade. That's 23.6 percent of all searches that led to the blog. ("Bethany Beach Fireworks" is the champ.)

There has also been a steady stream of visitors looking for information about the Tyler Place, in Vermont. I've posted reports from there the last several summers, and they are being found by folks researching their own trips, it seems.

We've stopped visiting the Tyler Place, but not because we don't love it. After nine summers, Colleen has aged-out of the Tyler kids' programs. It was time to make room for these other folks. I hope our reports and pictures help them get ready. But we do miss it terribly.


Judie Crookston said...

Just checking in to see what is going on in slower lower Delaware these days. Have a great summer

Lori said...

It's interesting to see what brings people to our blogs! I've discovered that my ONE post long ago about my tattoos bring in Google hits all the time! Words like tattoo, white trash, ambigram, middle-aged... not too flattering, if I think about it too much! :-)
I also get lots of visitors who are searching for ways to get various substances out of dog fur!
And I'm here because you broke the Delaware Blockade and visited Fermented Fur! Thanks!

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