Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have Succumbed

When we rolled-over our family of cell-phones this summer, Karen and I decided to get unlimited texting. Colleen, being a teen, seems to have lost the ability to talk on a telephone and communicates entirely by SMS text message. So it made sense for us to become texters ourselves.

Even though we are old.

As a result, I have decided to finally look into twitter. I never thought twitter would be a format that worked for me as a browser-based writer. Twitter is designed to allow users to send short-form updates -- "tweets" -- limited to 160 characters. I have never been "short form."

Still, I don't like to post on Mike's Musings from my machine at work. Sometimes I think of things I'd like to post during the day, but don't feel that I should. So I have signed up for twitter and added a "Random Thoughts" box at left that I can populate from my phone.

God forbid you should ever have to be without my, um, thinking.


Mark said...


Glad to see you are using Twitter.

Here is one of my favorite tools to use with Twitter:


When you want to Tweet but are on the go, or in the car. It requires an invite to use the service but its pretty neat.

Brian Shields said...
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Brian Shields said...

Blogger has the ability to have an email address set to post to your blog. I send text message posts to my blog regularly when I can be contained to 160 characters. I recently found out that a picture message allows 1000 characters. Who knows now what I'll be mobile blogging about from my phone next.

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