Sunday, July 13, 2008

So Long, Ollie, and Thanks for All the Memories

Olive Riley passed away this week-end. She was 108 years old and had been, for the last few years, "the world's oldest blogger."

As I write this, all links to her blog are failing; my guess is her site is getting hit with too much traffic as news of her passing spreads. With luck, things will settle down soon and the site will be accessible.

It's something of a stretch to call Olive Riley a "blogger." She was visited regularly in her retirement home by a punk kid of 70-something who interviewed her and transcribed the interviews to a blog site. But her site was a rich mine of memories and history as seen from the eyes of a normal woman, leading a life in Australia for all of the Twentieth Century.

Her blog was one of the great treasures I've found on-line. I'll miss her, but I was glad I had a chance to get to know her. Rest in peace, Ollie.

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