Thursday, July 17, 2008

Changes Have Been Made

The column on the left side of this blog was just getting too long. Changes had to be made.

I have replaced the lists of Delaware blogs, political blogs, media blogs and other blogs with a shorter, simple blogroll. For a while now, I have tried to link every Delaware blog I can find (using and listing them all (at least the active ones) in the sidebar. Too long.

I have instead limited the side-bar blogroll to sites I visit regularly, sites by good friends, and sites by people I admire. I have included links to longer lists of Delaware, non-Delaware and media blogs that have caught my attention. I will continue to update those lists.

I also moved photos of my folks' fiftieth anniversary party from an old HTML page I created in 2004, before I found flickr, to a special flickr set. That let me delete yet another left-side link; a small victory in blog-decluttering.

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