Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Fourth of July at Bethany Beach

We spent the fourth with my folks, one of my brothers, and some family friends at Bethany Beach. We went to the Bethany Beach Fourth of July Parade, where I took a mess of photos. We spent the afternoon on the beach at North Bethany. We had a traditional meal of Burgers and Dogs, and eventually went down to the beach to watch the fireworks.

The Bethany Beach parade is one of our favorites. It's long. It attracts a decent number of politicians. It includes kids on decorated bicycles. And it brings out a healthy goofiness.

It was a pleasant afternoon on the beach. We swam, we sunned, we watched the kids dig for sand crabs, we sat around and talked politics.

After dinner, we planned to head down to the beach to watch the Bethany fireworks show about a mile south of us. We do this each year; we have the added fun of the fireworks shot off by all the groups up and down the beach around us.

Interestingly, this year here was some sort of cloud bank between us and Bethany and we really only could hear the town's fireworks show. There was some reflection off the ocean, but we were shut out visually. None of us could ever remember that happening.

The free-lance fireworks were still fun. We also traditionally distribute glowsticks to the kids. We put them on lengths of string for twirling, and throwing, and catching, and dropping.

It made for some interesting pictures.


Stationery Queen said...

Hi Mike. Nice photos.

Do you ever stay in Bethany? Would you recommend it? I find Rehoboth is getting much too crowded...

katty said...
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