Thursday, May 4, 2006

Spring Marsh Walk

I returned this week to the trail at the St. Jones Center south of Dover for another lunch-time walk. As usual, I combined exercise with a little photo-exploration.

This is the trail I took last fall and again in the winter. I wanted to see how things look now that the trees have new green leaves. The trees were quite lush, though the marsh itself has not greened-up yet. One tree I had admired back in November has been cut down.

I was very aware of the abundant insect life along this trail. Flies were zooming around. Bees bumbled from flowering tree to tree. Wasps were hanging here and there. I decided I like this walk a bit better in the late fall and winter.

I do plan to revisit the marsh/boardwalk areas as the season progresses. I want to see the marsh in full sedge.


Nancy Willing said...

Bower's Beach is my fave place (except for Stone Beach further down).

The waters rise, romantically, to cover the streets near the Murderkill on a full moon-high tide and when the storms come neighbors look to neighbors for safety.
The bars rock too!!

The St. Jones is one of the more historic areas in the state.
thanks for the pics, Mike!

Tara said...

Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

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