Friday, May 5, 2006

Monthly Blog-Roll Clean-Up

It's time to edit the "SITES I READ" list over on the right hand side of this blog. As a general rule, I try to edit them out when they've been down for a month. There's only one of those this month.

Political Pet -- Nothing since the end of March. Spotty up until then.

Stupid and Wrong -- He said he'd shut it down after the recent Smyrna election. He kept his word. He has been roundly praised by many Smyrna voters.

OMA / Kyla -- She has recently decided to abandon blogger and start over elsewhere. She did not post a forwarding URL, but invites people to e-mail and request it.

I also wanted to note that, while I do regularly check all of these sites, I can't say that I consistently read them. The left/right political split among some Delaware bloggers has become a deep vein of spite. I have lost interest in tracking personal pissing matches.

Most of my blog-roll is made up of Delaware blogs. I have an interest in linking to any Delaware blogs I can find. That doesn't necessarily mean I recommend them to you. Just so you know.

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Mark said...

I hear you on the "personal pissing matches" front. Thank you for keeping this a place to find some shelter from the storm.

And keep the great pictures coming. I cannot wait to get home and see all these places in person again. It's been too long.

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