Monday, May 1, 2006

Pride is Pride, I Guess

This evening I found myself behind a guy in a Nissan pick-up with a little sticker on the back of his camper-top.

It looked like the sign for a unisex bathroom; a euro-stick-figure man next to a euro-stick-figure woman. In a pale, mono-tonal, light blue.

There were differences. Euro-stick-man and euro-stick-woman appeared to be holding hands. And her skirt was shorter than usual.

There was writing beneath the two euro-people. I couldn't quite make it out what it said, so I had to slide up close behind the Nissan at a traffic light to get a look.

It said "Straight Pride."

Cute. But I think it would be more effective if I didn't have to sidle up so close to the guy's rear-end to see it.

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