Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting Back on Course

Cart Path
I took time this morning to try some golf. I walked a truncated round on the Heritage Golf Course.

The Heritage is close to home and inexpensive. But it is also being redeveloped as a shorter course with townhomes. You can see some of the evidence above.

The back portion of the course has been scraped clean and the fourth and seventh holes are closed. Other holes are drastically shorter. And there's a huge mound -- Mount Golfmore? -- looming over several holes.

I needed to get out and see how bad my swing has gotten. I'd hit a bucket of balls at a Dover-area driving range recently, but it's just not the same.

I'm still a rotten golfer, but I was somewhat heartened by my play. I scored a respectable six on the tough, island-green par-5 and I scored what I think is my first Birdie on a par-3.

The eighth hole has been cut down to a very short 90 yards. The first time through I hit too much club and bounced over the green entirely. The second time around I dropped down to a wedge and bounced to within about a yard of the hole. I'm not a great hand with a putter, but I sank that one.

I guess I'm still a duffer!
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