Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ninth Golf Game in 2005

I played 18 holes with Andy Southmayd at the Heritage Golf Course today. I played abysmally; absolutely abysmally.

It may have been the heat. It may have been the fact that I’m fighting a cold. It may also have been the crappy condition of the course. But the abysmal-ness of my golf game remains.

Golf Green (Theoretically)
The course was in bad shape. The heat this summer has made course maintenance very hard. But this course is being let go a bit, I think. It is slated to be shortened and a set of townhouses put in and I think hey aren’t putting quite the same energy into taking care of it that they once did.

A shame, really.

Update: I have an excuse! Yay! Turns out, I was playing that game with a blood clot in my leg and in both my lungs. Given that, I think I played ... okay.

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