Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Local Dolphin May Get SAG Card

According to the News Journal, Hollywood stars may be filming in Lewes!

The paper reports that Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker are planning to film a scene at Cape Henlopen State Park on Wednesday, August 3, and may also film in a shop in downtown Lewes.

Parker, star of HBO's "Sex and the City" will only be in town briefly. Mayor Jim Ford is quoted:
"“She'’s just here for a day trip unless she falls in love with Lewes and stays. Who knows?"”
Why not? Lewes is, officially, a City.

The scene at the State Park is to be a converstion between the two stars while they are sitting on surfboards on the ocean. According to Mayor Ford, "a dolphin pops up and grabs his foot."

I think you have to have a speaking part to get your SAG Card, but maybe foot-grabbing is "speaking" among dolphin actors?

Kidding aside, this is cool. I wish I were taking the day off.

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