Saturday, August 27, 2005

An Evening Out

I had the chance this evening to visit two of my three favorite stores this evening. Colleen is off on a sleep-over, so Karen, Christina and I went out to Staples for their Open House for Teachers. After a quick dinner at a local eatery, we also took a swing through Michael’s, a craft and hobby store.

I may have mentioned before how inspiring and almost spiritual I find certain stores; stores that represent a sort of potential for doing, creating and changing things in creative and positive ways.

I first noticed this about Lowes, and I guess it holds true for Home Depot. I wondered why I was happy to just wander through these places, looking at the stuff on the shelves and imagining all the things I could do in and around my house with them. It’s not that I ever would do any of these things, but that the potential is there. I also noticed other people wandering dreamily through Lowes.

I started to also notice this behavior in Staples, where the potential is for a more organized and productive office, with new and shiny staplers and in-boxes and computers and shelving. Michael’s is a font of crafting potential.

Anyway. This evening we wanted to visit the Staples Open House, as they were offering some nice back to school deals for teachers, which Karen could use to her advantage, and I always enjoy a visit the electronics section.

Of course, given that it was an event for teachers, we were running into friends and co-workers around every corner. We must have been in there for an hour, at least. We spent about $10, but had a great time.

Ironically, one couple we spoke with had also recently dealt with blood clotting problems. The wife had had to spend a week in Beebe; her clot was a bit more serious than mine. She told me had just finished her course of blood thinners. She looked hale and hearty.

I took it as a good sign.

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Stationery Queen said...

Glad you're OK. Staples therapy is good for you. I love, love, love that store (hence the blog name). Oh my. *sigh*

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