Thursday, August 25, 2005

It is good to be home

I was released from the hospital at about 11 this morning. The fact that I am competent to – and willing to – give myself regular injections means that I can come back home. Yay!

I have just been out to the pharmacy to get my supply of blood thinners. These are in pill form – the long term medicine – and syringes that I’ll use for the next few days.

The blood thinners must be working. They are said to increase bruising and I’m sprouting all manner of interesting bruises around the injection sites. One is fairly striking; I think it was the first spot I tried injecting myself and I was not as steady as I have become.

So for now I am an invalid at home. More comfortable but still advised to go easy and keep my leg elevated. I have a variety of things to watch out for and responsibilities to take pills, inject medicines, go in to the blood lab, call the doctor’s office, and the like.

I hope to head back to work on Monday. I have no major activity restrictions, though I’m not meant to work-out, play golf, or mow the lawn for a week or so.

I’m sure there are valuable life-lessons here. I will try to process all this and note them when I can!

And thanks for all the kind thoughts, folks. Both in comments and in e-mails and calls.

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TommyWonk said...

Hey welcome home Mike! And take good care of yourself.


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