Friday, August 12, 2005

Dead Bug

Dead Bug
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When I got into my car this afternoon, the car's thermometer read 102 degrees. It had been sitting in the sun in a barren parking lot for four hours, so no surprise.

When I got in I found this insect lying dead, spreadeagled on the armrest between the driver's and passenger's seats. It appeared to have been overwhelmed by the heat.

I think it was a mosquito, in life, so I didn't shed any tears.


Anonymous said...
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"Lost in Transition" said...

I found your blog when googling David Schoumacher. So sorry to hear of Bob Smith's passing.
John and I now make our "home" in Saint Petersburg, Florida with all the other AARP groupies!
I put home in quotes because we own a company that produces conferences for Chambers of Commerce nationwide. Currently we are producing a SMART BUSINESS! program in Montgomery, AL. We have been in this crazy and exciting business for 16 years, and I am thinking we will do only a select number of Chambers each year in order to spend more time at home gazing at the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.
I think of Lewes with very fond memories.
Have a great weekend!

Judie Crookston

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