Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fare Well, Tim Fannin. And Thanks!

Arts school principal planning move to Florida (Delaware Wave Newspaper)

Here's a story on Tim Fannin's pending retirement from his position as principle at the Southern Delaware School of the Arts (SDSA).

Tim's been there since the school started seven years ago. So has my eldest daughter Colleen; she's now a seventh grader. My youngest, Christina, is a third grader and my wife Karen is in her second year at SDSA as a special education teacher.

Tim's a good man, and I think he's been a good principle. We probably don't agree on much in most parts of life, Tim and I, but I think we mostly agree on education. At least the on-the-ground, in-this-school-building ones.

I can say that my child has blossomed academically and artistically in the school he's run for seven years.

I wish him well, and say "thanks" for helping start what is a wonderful, successful school.

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