Friday, January 28, 2005

A Bad Idea

The brain trust at The Learning Channel has let Paige Davis go from Trading Spaces (In 'Spaces' Makeover, It's Curtains for Paige (Washington Post; Reg. Req.).

A "new creative direction" towards a host-less version of Trading Spaces. Nope. Sorry. That's probably not going to fly.

They lost Vern, but we came back. They lost Ty, and we came back. I think, though, that Paige has an awful lot of fans who probably won't come back.

Give Ms. Davis (actually Mrs. Mindy Paige Davis Page) credit for class, though. Her farewell statement -- posted both on her web site, above, and the TLC site -- takes the high road.

I have to confess that this was in the news earlier than today. I simply had missed it until I came upon a photo with a caption about the firing on the Washington Post web site this evening. It was one in a series of news photos I was flipping through after having enlarged a photo of a glowering VP Cheney in a bulky parka at a Holocaust memorial event in Europe.

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