Sunday, November 28, 2004

Vaguely Troubling: Covert X-Ray Screening on the Cape May/Lewes Ferry

A story in Saturday's Boston Globe on using covert X-rays scans as security tool notes that such a system has been in a testing phase in the last month on the Cape May/Lewes Ferry.

The story explains that many experts feel that these x-ray scans are not of a high-enough intensity to cause any ill effects, and that they may be an important security tool.

Granted. But that doesn't change the fact that just a mile or so down the road from where I sit, folks driving onto the ferry were hosed with x-rays, without their knowledge or consent.

Where are we going with all this?

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Anonymous said...

For those who ride the ferry, some will be going to the cancer treatment centers from xray exposure. Best to carry x ray detection equipment when using mass transit or a lead shield.

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