Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mocha, in a (rare) pensive mood

I'm not sure who snapped this shot of young Mocha, but I like it. It was either Karen, Colleen or Christina, but not me.Posted by Hello

Mocha is our newest family member, and she's a klassic krazy kat. She was born on or about Earth Day last April and came to us several months later. Her mom was a stray taken in by Nurse Kate, the combination school nurse and advanced dance instructor at the Southern Delaware School of the Arts. Kate (Kate Walker) also owns the Sussex Dance Academy and has been a positive influence on the girls.

Mocha joined Shoe, who has been with us for some 9 or 10 years now. Shoe, himself a former jet-cat, was not thrilled by the advent of his jazzed-up new partner, but they seem to be settling in together.

Aafter an initial descent into a resigned weltschmerz, Shoe has perked up and now gives about as good as he gets. He has also started to generously pass on to Mocha some of his more interesting habits, such as gleefully romping in wet bath-tubs after we shower.

I keep telling these two that cats don't like water, but they just won't listen.

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