Sunday, November 14, 2004

Back? Not Back?

I've been tracking, for several posts, the (maybe) return of DelaTacit, which was at one point a humorous and irreverent look at issues in Delaware. The original site went down in October, with several different theories out as to the reasons for its demise.

Last week, DelaTacit seemed to be back, but this morning, the new URL returns a "Not Found."

What gives? I have a slight suspicion that the "new" site was that of a pretender. It seemed to lack the intelligence that redeemed the original. There were only two posts, and one included a link directly to a pornographic site, which seemed ... questionable.

Meanwhile, the more likely heir apparent has been DelaVoice, which arose to fill DelaTacit's place in the pre-election debate. DelaVoice seems to mostly fill the bill, providing an acerbic right-wing commentary.

I will say that I am disappointed with some of the anonymous comments posted in discussion threads on the site. Many of these folks seem determined to simply take adolescent pot shots at Delaware Governor Minner. I have thrown in some counter-balancing thoughts, mostly asking for a more reasoned discourse. It has earned me some pot-shots of my own. Such is life on-line.

So. We have DelaVoice. Do we have DelaTacit? We'll keep watching.

UPDATE (11/15/04): As of 7:31 a.m., site back up, but with the message: "Gone again. Sorry."

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