Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prom Time

Sussex Tech held their prom last night at the new clubhouse at Heritage Shores Golf Club, in Bridgeville. Colleen attended with her young man. She in a lovely chocolate gown and he in a white tux.

We went along to watch the "grand parade" that starts the event; couples and groups of friends descending a palatial staircase and making a short circuit around a walkway in front of parents and grandparents and dozens of cameras.

I spent my time trying to get good photos of Colleen's circle of friends, the children of our friends (often the same, of course), and a general sense of the moment. I hope the picture at right will give you an idea. This (I hope) anonymous young couple posing after the parade for moms and dads, in front of a putting green and the carts of a few late golfers, are representative of a large crown of high school kids who, in the words of one mom, "clean up real nice."

From a parental perspective, it is astounding the amount of work that goes into a prom. For the girls there are huge decisions: gown, shoes, hair, nails, make-up, jewelry, and such. The guys have easier decisions but tend to be less prepared to wear their finery. And those rental tuxes look hot and uncomfortable. Then there are protocols to observe; to her house for photos and then to his for photos. When will you fit-in dinner?

In the end, though, the prom is meant to be fun. I will guess that it was, but direct evidence will have to wait. My young prom-goer is still asleep.


Dana said...

I was thinking about this the other day... about how I spent more time planning what I was going to wear and getting ready for the prom than I did for any event since- including my wedding. I was thinking that though it might seem superficial at the time, there is something about the rehearsal for later in life events in prom preparation. It's a lesson in logistics, in style, in putting on a happy face for your relatives. It's about who will you sit with at dinner, and how to pose for a photograph, where to rent a tux and how to put it on. I can't put my finger on it, but I am pretty sure mixed in with all of the fun are some life lessons.

Life On The Edges said...

Great post and photo! I got a call to come do prom pics yesterday too, but I had family commitments all weekend.

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