Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Hereby Challenge #1

I hereby challenge former Lewes City Councilperson and several-time Sussex County Council candidate Judson Bennett to Get Your Own Blog (GYOB).

Jud is a prolific e-mailer. He maintains a private mailing list he calls the "Coastal Conservative Network" to which he sends a constant stream of updates which read, to this jaded liberal reader of conservative thought, as blog posts.

Here are some subject lines from Jud that are still in my inbox:
  • Future Scan-the Development of the future of Lewes?????????
    Repeating charges from some no-growth activists that a regional planning initiative by a local group is developer-controlled.
  • Group threatens to stop Prayer at Sussex Council Meetings/Prayer Breakfast
    Jud is shocked that Americans United for Separation of Church and State object to explicitly christian prayer before county council meetings.
  • Legislating or "Dictating Morality"- A Response
    A sort of "comment -rescue" in which Jud forwards a rebuttal by a local pastor to something he (Jud) had to say in a newspaper column.
  • The sailing ships Nina & Pinta-coming to Lewes
    Cool local news.
  • Marine Corp Band to Perform in Lewes JULY 1st !!!!
    Also cool, local and news.
  • Lewes Council Goes for Carrying Capacity Study
    Lewes City Council agrees to try to get funding for a traffic study.
  • Sussex County Council will sue DNREC ??????
    Jud questions the wisdom of the county suing the state.
  • I endorse Joan Deaver
    Jud had recently lost the republican primary and endorsed the democrat running in the race. Big news locally.
I'm know I've deleted a few others over the months, and I left out several purely procedural e-mails. But there's enough here to illustrate my point: Jud is a blogger without a blog.

There was a period of time when Jud was contributing a regular "Jud's Rant" to the "First State Politics" blog (which became Delaware Politics after some other name, which escapes me). But that stopped. And he does appear occasionally as a "from the inbox" post on Nancy Willings' Delaware Way blog.

Other than the occasional guest spot, Jud continues to generate content that is only going out one-way and is not really part of a back and forth discussion (except when contrarians like me pester him back with argumentative e-mails).

I think the Delaware body politic would be better served if Jud left the closed-circuit of e-mail and entered the world of blogging, on his own blog. I think "Coastal Conservative" would be a great name. Blogger and Wordpress are both easy to use.

So... I hereby challenge you, sir. Get Your Own Blog.


Brian Shields said...

I have suggested it to him in an email in the past, he replied that he prefers his email network. Much simpler.

LiberalGeek said...

What if I helped him email it AND post it at the same time. Then at least people could opt out and still get his insight...

I don't subscribe to it, but I would visit from time to time if I didn't have to get my inbox filled.

And can we get Liz Allen to get her own blog?

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