Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder If I Really Understand This Internet Thing

I took this photo on Sunday evening as I was finishing preparation of our dinner. I had put together a stir-fry of chicken and peppers and zucchini (with as much garlic as I felt I could get away with). I cooked it just lightly in olive oil with a dash of beer. In this photo, it is ready to put over brown rice.

I took the picture because I liked the collection of colors on the stove. I posted it to flickr and pretty much forgot about it.

Until this evening (Tuesday), when I poked my head into my flickr account and found that this little photo has been viewed 149 times in the last two days. That
is an unusually large number of views in such a short time for a picture of mine. More surprising is the fact that all of those views apparently were on Monday.

I've had popular shots before, but usually they are the sorts of things that you would expect to attract attention (the Hooters billboard that fell-over in a high wind, for example).

Why this one? I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, but suddenly I'm hungry...

LetTeddyWin.com said...

Popular tags, Colorful thumbnail.

Dan Gaffney WGMD said...

Food. It's all about the food. The most mass appeal topic possible. Know anyone who doesn't eat? Food topics burn up the phone lines at the radio station too.

Good picture. Next time with rice would you consider cubes instead of strips?

kavips said...

BTW, I wanted to bury this question deep down, but I've been curious as to the time difference between your two pictures to the left of your blog, and wondered if we newer bloggers have that adjustment to look forward to?

Lol. Lol. Lol. Just kidding...in a fun way. :)

Mike Mahaffie said...

If you mean the two profile pictures, I think it is the case that the FaceBook profile picture is from 2006 and the Blogger profile picture is from 2007.

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