Sunday, March 22, 2009

Second Golf Game of 2009

I played another practice round at Midway Par-3 this afternoon. Unlike last time, I didn't keep score. This is simply because I forgot to grab a score card after paying my greens fees. I tried to keep track of where I was, relative to par from hole to hole, but I was again playing two balls on each hole and by the 8th I was confused.

I was not as happy with my iron play today, and my putting is still pretty bad. But I had a few pars and at least one birdie. And I hit a few wedge and nine-iron shots that looked just right.

Midway Par-3 is a very egalitarian place. It's not the most well-kept course, but it is a pleasant 18 holes and it's great to see couples and families and kids out learning the game. And it was warmish today, with buds starting to add just a touch of green to the trees.

All things considered, it was a nice way to spend a part of the afternoon.

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shorethings said...

I sympathize with your ongoing struggles with the game of golf. If your putting woes are a result of inconsistent distance, I would humbly suggest a heavier putter. I got a cheap Cougar X-Cat which also has the 3 ball alignment aid, and it did wonders for my putting. The heavier putter puts the control in larger muscles and improves distance control. The 3-ball design is great for alignment as well.

If you are right handed and favor a push fade, you should pay close attention to the position of your left wrist at the top of the back swing. Your wrist and forearm should form a flat plane. If your wrist flops toward the ball, you will always struggle with a push fade. Watch some of the action at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this weekend and pay close attention to the left wrist. Some of them will even look like the wrist is angled toward the back. It feels weird at first, just like most facets of the golf swing, but it is one of the most important keys to stronger, straighter shots.

Good luck with the golf game this year.

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