Monday, February 25, 2008

We Need to Think About Changing Our Sex Offender Laws

The headline from the News Journal web site tells part of the story: Ailing sex offender chokes to death at Dover clinic.
A 22-year-old Huntington's disease victim who was denied a bed in a state health care facility because he was a registered sex offender choked to death today at a Dover mental health clinic.
We, as a culture, have a tendency to over-react and write sweeping laws in response to problems. Our sex offender laws may be causing problems we could avoid.


hassan said...

I viewed this story as one of the few "good news" items today>

Anonymous said...

Even if he "had a bed" in a state health facility, it doesn't mean he wouldn't have choked on a grilled cheese sandwich, unless of course they were serving ham sandwiches at the state facility.

Mike Mahaffie said...

I'll have to disagree with both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks Mike,

People...Sex Offenders that go through the Prisoners' Programs, and earn thier Parole are just looking for a second chance, "on the outside"...and that IS NOT A 2nd chance to OFFEND!

Take a trip to Concord, or another State Prison. Speak with the Parole Officers...Get educated, because the Prisons are Educating the Inmates at your expense!

These people arent ALL animals. Did you ever take a leak in Public? Did you participate in Under age Sex when you were young? Did you know anyone who DID make out under the Bleachers?

They are even making kids register! Kids who Dont really know what SEX is!!
It is a National Debt Growing out of control. It is soon to become one of the Largest Tax Drain, if we dont act and reach out to the public. Beg them to become educated. Admonish Mothers' to take care of thier own kids. Don't let them wander all over town without a plan of how to "get away" if the kids feel Unsafe. Make sure that the Kids know how to contact a safe other person if they cannot find a parent. Teach Abstinance. GET INZZVOLVED!!!

Recent LINKS from the NH "ATSA" Website:

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Ask your Church, ask your community centers to become educated so that the next victim doesnt ever become a statistic! Eventually, you will point your finger at a sex offender....but remember, You will have 4 fingers pointing back at you.
Dare to discipline your minds long enough to look over these topics, and realize there is a new perspective that can bring stable willing meaningful people out of Prison!! These people are weary from the prison experience. They are mechanics, Locksmiths, teachers', Dads' and Moms', even policemen.
If they have done the time for the crime, they deserve a place in Society. Move over.

Brian Shields said...

Eesh, and they call Libertarians heartless.

I agree, Mike. Things need to be retooled on both sides of the Sex Offender issue. More restrictions and penalties in some areas, less in other ways.

hassan said...

I agree - they are too lenient on these perverts, He could have been chewing on your son or daughter instead One down, a bunch to go

Brian Shields said...

I believe once a criminal has done their time, and passed a psych evaluation, they should be let back into society.

Second offenders, though, should get the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

In THIS case, the "sex offender" was a victim of Huntington's Disease (HD). Some of the coverage of this case mentioned that HD is a disorder that causes its victims to behave badly - including inappropriate sexual behavior. It is a well-documented side effect of the disease. Chances are, this person acted out sexually because of his physical brain disorder - and it was unlikely that his public defender was savvy enough to defend him on that basis. He was probably not "an animal" at any point in the progression of his disease. But after having been labeled as a sex offender, the system was unable to see him as anything but "a pervert." Do we label elderly Alzheimer's sufferers that way when they make unwelcome advances as a result of thieir disease? This person's death was nothing but sad. You'd better all hope none of you ever have beloved family members with a serious neurological disorder.

Anonymous said...

I would only hope they don't get a cheeseburger

Fuzz Butt said...

Ummm..An offender is already as good as dead anyways. They get out of jail after years or whatever time served, can't get a job, nobody will hire an offender out of prison for at least a few clean years of no more offending. Then there is not money, which means no place to live anywhere, except with a good old trusting friend from way back, or parents if they care? and then they will be replying on everybody else around them for help getting around if they don't live in a city, which also isn't free either. They will apply for disabilty out of desperation, and be denied several times as usual. Then probably want to just give up and become suicidal, or re offend because it was easier in jail bending over than getting f*cked by society.

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