Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Glad That's Over?

The News Journal has a story up this evening reporting partial settlement of the Indian River School District prayer lawsuit. This has been going on for a while now.

The district was sued some time ago for making non-Christians feel explicitly unwelcome. The school board got fairly defensive about the whole thing. In fact, according to this evening's article, the part of the suit that spoke to the Board's own public prayer was left unresolved.

Otherwise, there is a financial settlement (to be paid by the District's insurance) and "an extensive list of new policies and procedures that the school board must adopt." I'll be very interested to read that list.

Ironically, the Indian River District made, if not the news, the Letters to the Editor page in the last few days for a similar complaint. That one is too young, and a bit in doubt. But the echoes are chilling.

UPDATE: The News Journal now has a more detailed story on this settlement.

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Matt Mahaffie said...

It's ironic that at my daughters' school, an Episcopal school with a full time chaplain and mandatory religion classes, most public prayers are pretty much non-denominational and all-inclusive. The current chaplain will mention Christ (I think) but spends most of his time talking about Love and Tolerance and Kindness. Maybe it's an Episcopal thing. Or maybe it's a Bethesda thing.

Matt M.

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