Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Golf Game of 2008!

It was cold but sunny and clear today and I got to play 18 holes at The Rookery with Andy and Rich. Rich and one of his daughters were down from Connecticut for the week-end to visit Andy and family; their visits often include golf and they are kind enough to invite me along.

I did worry about the cold, but a warm shirt, partnered with a sweater and a fleece vest, kept me warm enough. The sun helped and the lack of a strong wind made it all work.

The Rookery had other players, but they were few and we generally felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The course was in tolerable shape for February. There were a very few rough patches and some of the greens were hard and fast in the cold. The lack of leaves meant we could look more deeply into the woods than usual; they held a few surprises.

My game was worse than usual. I was not surprised to be rusty after a few months off. It always nice to have an excuse. My short game was roughest, I think. I was having trouble judging just how much force to use and as a result found my self watching my ball lofted well over a few greens that I should have landed gently on.

I carded a 126 with generous Mulligans.

I was trying out a new driver today. It was a Christmas gift from Andy; a broad, flat fat clubhead that felt somewhat like winging an overstuffed sandwich on a stick. I had some success with it, mostly after Rich wisely suggested moving the ball up in my stance.

I think that's why golf is always better with friends and is best with people you've long played with -- they see things you miss, but know your game well enough to know which of the things they see are most important.


Wendy Hawksley said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Regarding Bartlett-related databases, I don't know of any online, but have an extensive one.

New York... Of course, many New Englanders went out there in the 1700's and later.

If you would like to email me at with details on Robert Bartlett, I will gladly give you a hand breaking through the brick wall, and check the database I have.

Maryann said...

You shoot a 126 and you should be shot. Take up another sport (solitaire would seem to fit) and get off the course.

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