Monday, August 13, 2007

Sometimes You Just Want to Get Away From It All

The federal government's General Services Administration is selling Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse and I think it would be nice if someone bought it and let me stay there when I want to.

Sure, I could buy it for myself, but I have enough trouble with the upkeep on my land-based house.

Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse is in the Delaware Bay about three miles off Bowers Beach. Somewhere out here.

It was built in 1876 and lacks modern everything. But it is damn cute.

The current bid stands at $40,000. Bidding closes on August 17. C'mon people...

When I first saw this, I sent an e-mail (half-serious) to an old friend who works in State Parks suggesting that the State buy this as a part of our Parks system. I was not surprised to learn that the folks over there gave this property serious thought, but have decided to pass. That probably makes sense; the maintenance challenges and the difficulty of making it "visitable" outweigh the coolness factor.

Of course, if someone does make the opportunity available, I'd love to spend a day and a night out there.

Wouldn't that be neat?


Anonymous said...

The stuff of which dreams are made, sure enough. Were it not for housing a mini-zoo, I'd be we were once before when the Mispillion Light was on the market. This one is much better, certainly more beautiful though. Assuming it's not a functioning lighthouse, perfect for a huge telescope on top in a perfect reading room...and change my name to Grace Darling. Like you, great if whomever buys it offers weekend getaways

Tom said...

All you need is a big boat and some solar panels. Then that would be a the perfect getaway. :)

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