Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Was Getting Bored With My Layout

I thought it was a good time to change the look of this blog. I have been planning to add a new element and looking at my 3-column layout for a place to put it led me to the thought that my blog was too busy-looking.

So I have gone a bit more "simple" and I have cut away some things that weren't quite working. I have also changed the photo thumbnails from "latest" to "random" selections from my photo collection. I like to blog about my photographic habit and so it was sometimes the case that the thumbnails on the sidebar duplicated the photos in the blog posting.

The new thing, a bit down on the left, is a list of things I am thankful for. It's a feed from a mini-blog I've started called "Gratitudes." I've heard a few thinkers, religious and secular, say that a daily act of gratitude, a regular practice of thankfulness, is good for one.

So I thought I'd try it as a blogging exercise.

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