Friday, August 31, 2007

"Hello, Daily Delaware"

The person (or persons) blogging on Daily Kos as Delaware Dem has started a new, Kos-style Delaware political blog: Daily Delaware.

This should be interesting.

I've been toying with going back to more political content here, but I can't find much interest in myself to write about political things. It may be that we're too far from the actual primaries. And yet, I'm growing sick of the partisan bickering that has taken over so much of the political blogosphere in Delaware of late.

There's still a sense of camaraderie among the red and blue bloggers in the First State, but I'm seeing cracks. It feels like we're starting to stray from examining and solving problems towards "gotcha-style" stories and name-calling. Maybe I don't trust myself to rise above it?

In any case, I do take an interest in what's being said, even if I'm reluctant to wade-in very much myself. So I'll add Daily Delaware to my blog-roll and to my Google Reader and see what develops.


jason330 said...

Speaking of cracks... would you be willing to serve as a judge on our awrds committee?

We are thinking one or two from each side that the other side agrees with. Dave already agreed to you when I suggested putting people like you on a small committee.

email me. Do you have my regular email?

Mike Mahaffie said...

I'd be happy to help out with the awards. and no, I don't think I have your e-mail address....

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