Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our Beaches Are Popular

We spent the middle of the day today at the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park. It was very crowded, as one might expect on the first week-end in August.

According to Park Rangers I know, there are week-ends during which the Cape ranks as one of the most populated places in Delaware. People come from all around the region to camp there or to spend the day on the beach.

There is a long stretch of traditional beach, where people spread towels or blankets, unfold beach chairs, plant umbrellas and erect pavilions. It can be a challenge to find a few square feet for your family.

Further up the beach is one of the several surf fishing areas that we have in Delaware. These are places where by tradition and state law those who have fishing gear out and available for use -- and who have purchased a surf-fishing tag for their vehicle -- can drive out on the beach and park along the high-tide line.

The water was very nice, with a few large waves but not too many. The girls amused themselves body-surfing. I joined in for a few rides and floated contentedly just off-shore from the breakers for much of the rest of the time.

There were also the usual parade of tankers, ferries and other craft in and out of the Delaware bay shipping channel. I added a few to my "Distant Ships" collection.

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