Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sometimes the Timing Just Works Out

In HawkseyeState officials opened a new section of the Junction and Breakwater trail on Monday, completing the walking and biking connection between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. I had an appointment with my eye doctor in the middle of the morning today and had to take the morning off. That meant I had a few spare hours first thing in the morning.

I headed out for a quick hike; I wanted to see if I could reach the section of trail that had already opened and that I hiked earlier. I was just able to make it that far before I had to turn back.

I first had to walk out of Lewes on Kings Highway, to the intersection with Gills Neck Road. The new section starts there and runs along Gills Neck to the entrance of the Hawkseye subdivision. It runs through Hawkseye, including down a segment of the median shown above, and then picks up the old railroad bed and crosses Wolfe Glade, where it joins the existing trail.

This is a great addition to our area. It's now possible to walk or bike from Lewes to Rehoboth without having to go out on the highway. That might work out well if one of the girls gets a summer job down that way.

It might also be a great excuse for Karen and I to get new bikes.

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