Monday, June 25, 2007

An Evening of Art

Saturday evening, Karen and I attended the opening of an art show at CAMPRehoboth, in Rehoboth Beach. The show is stilllife(in motion) by our friend Murray Archibald.

We usually see Murray's work at Epworth United Methodist Church. He and his partner Steve Elkins are quite active in the church. Murray creates art to decorate the church. His stations of the cross, for example, are remarkable.

The new show includes flowers and apples and hearts and motion and color and depth and a wonderful vibrancy.

We had a chance to chat with Murray and Steve and Rev. Jack and April Abel. We met some new folks too.

Art. Culture. Society. Friends. Life can be wonderful.


Jason330 said...

That stations of the cross sounds interesting. Do they mind people just going in for that?

Mike Mahaffie said...

I'm not really a church member, but I think churches are traditionally very open to visitors. Of course, the Stations are only up during Lent and the Easter season. You should stop by CAMPRehoboth; this is really a remarkable show.

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